Caroll Shelby Museum

I got to spend a couple of hours at the Carroll Shelby Museum in Las Vegas (Near the Las Vegas Speedway).  The museum had about 25 cars (pictures below), but we got to go inside the two plants where they build the new generation Cobras, and make the modifications for the Mustangs.  Sadly, my car did not go through that shop.  The popularity/affordability of the GT 500’s requires Fords manufacturing muscle, so they have an exclusive agreement to build those specific cars.

The white convertible GT 350 was delivered while I was there, and it sounded better than it looked.  My favorite was the Dark Blue Super Snake, though.  That $35K package includes several options (more powerful supercharger, improved suspension, new wheels/tires, actually lowering the car, Shelby hood, and several other interior/exterior items).  Oh, and it raises the horsepower to a “subtle” 800.

Maybe Tami will get me that for Christmas. ;)